Immigration Services

Flat Fee

  • Fiance(e) Visas (K-1): $750
  • Marriage Visas (CR-1, IR-1, K-3): $750.00
  • Adjustment of Status (Green Card): $750.00
  • Petition for U.S. Citizenship: $750.00
  • Removal of Conditions / Conditional Green Card: $1000
  • Relative petition (spouse) with adjustment of status $1000
  • Visa Extension $250
  • Replacement of Green card/Green Card Renewal $700
  • Citizenship Application N-400 (interview Preparation)$1000
  • In removal proceedings, Defense $5000
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DUI Services

Flat Fee

A flat fee of $1500.00 is charged for 1st offense DUI cases.
A flat fee of $2500.00 is charged for any other DUI after your first offense.

Flat Fee Misdemeanor
A flat fee of $1,000.00 is charged for all misdemeanor cases.

Flat Fee Traffic
A flat fee of $1,500 is charged for all traffic cases Flat Fee Speeding
A flat fee of $350 is charged for all speeding cases.

The Covid19 Pandemic showed me that I could work virtually, as many of us were forced to experience.  I have been use technology to reinvent my practice for many years now, which has resulted in reducing  overhead, which means that I can pass those savings to my clients.

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Attorney Toma Makedonski
offers a low-cost, flat fee in most cases, so you, as the client, know what your cost will be upfront. Toma Makedonski is a Chicago, Illinois, immigration lawyer with upfront, low-cost, flat fees on most immigration attorney fees.